Phone Support Available


Tech support can sometimes be harrowing when you call for help. You may look at a youtube video but you might still need a little help. Our paid phone support service is an inexpensive alternative to a service call. It was designed to provide a smooth walk through of your questions and technical hangups. We can walk you through the maze of mystery on severlal levels: how to install a new drive motor, assembly help, how to replace your console, what is the error message on your screen, why is my walking belt slowing down, why is my treadmill shutting down after 10 minutes, how tdo I lubricate my walking belt, how to lubricate your front and rear rollers, alignment of your treadbelt, motor amp draw check, how to check your drive belt for wear, how to calibrate your treadmill etc.

Our base price of $25 include 15 minutes of support. And if you still need on site service or decides during the phone support that you want us to come out, you can most certainly do so. Your Phone Support fee will be deducted from the service call.*

Why Do You Need This?
  • You live in a remote area
  • You dont want to pay the cost for an onsite tech to come out.
  • You got the repair under control you're just getting hang up on one thing
  • You want to do it yourself to understand how to do it in the future
  • You hired someone to come out and no one showed up

*Customers who opt for phone support must have basic tools and have some knowledge of how to use them. You must be comfortable with taking thing apart and getting your hands dirty. Techmotion takes no responsibility if you damage your repair part, or any components inside your unit, or if your machine does not work after the repair you have done. We are here to offer help to you and cannot guarantee any success whatsoever. Any action you take that results in bodily harm, electrocution, damage to your machine, property damage, fires, electrical outages is your responsibility.

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