Speed Sensor


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Speed Sensor

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RPM Speed Sensor

Used On

FreeMotion 600 Cardio CTTL038040, 41
Freemotion t5.6 Treadmill - SFTL198080

Gold's Gym Good Family F800 GFTL078040
Gold's Gym Good Family F800 GFTL078041
Gold's Gym Good Family F800 GFTL078042
Gold's Gym Good Family F900 GFTL088040
Gold's Gym Good Family F900 GFTL088041
Gold's Gym Good Family N1400 GFTL138040
Gold's Gym Good Family N1400 GFTL138042
Gold's Gym Good Family N1100 GFTL108041
Gold's Gym Good Family N1100 GFTL108042
Gold's Gym Maxx Trainer 685 GGTL586080

HealthRider H120 HMTL399061
HealthRider H300 HATL312051
HealthRider H500 HATL512050
HealthRider Pro H250i HITL494060
HealthRider Pro H450i HRTL61706 M0
HealthRider Pro H450i HRTL617060
HealthRider Pro H450i HRTL617061
HealthRider PRO H500I HRTL717060
HealthRider PRO H500I HRTL717061
HealthRider Q400 HMTL399060
HealthRider S150 HRTL06190
HealthRider S200 HRTL08980
HealthRider S400 HRTL10980
HealthRider S400 HRTL10982
HealthRider S600 HRTL14980
HealthRider S600 HRTL14981
HealthRider Soft Strider 831.297801
HealthRider Soft Strider DRTL25060
HealthRider Soft Strider DRTL25061
HealthRider Soft Strider DRTL25062
HealthRider Soft Strider EX 831.297870
HealthRider Soft Strider EX 831.297871
HealthRider Soft Strider EX 831.297872
HealthRider Soft Strider EX HRTL29970
HealthRider Soft Strider EX HRTL29971
HealthRider Soft Strider EX HRTL29972
HealthRider Soft Strider Pro HRTL21470
HealthRider Soft Strider HCTL06190
HealthRider Soft Strider 831.297970
HealthRider Soft Strider SE HCTL24570
HealthRider Soft Strider SE HRTL24570
HealthRider Soft Strider SE HRTL24571

Image 10.2 - IMTL10250
Image 10.2 - IMTL10251
Image 10.2 - IMTL10252
Image 10.2 - IMTL10253
Image 10.3E - IMTL11080
Image 10.3E - IMTL11081
Image 10.4 - IMTL10450
Image 10.4 - IMTL10451
Image 10.4 - IMTL10452
Image 10.4Q - 831.297960
Image 10.4Q - 831.297969
Image 10.4Q - IMTL12070
Image 10.4Q - IMTL12071

Image 10.4Q - IMTL12072
Image 10.6 - 831.297560
Image 10.6 - 831.297561
Image 10.6 - 831.297562
Image 10.6 - 831.297563
Image 10.6 - 831.297564
Image 10.6 - IMTL10650
Image 10.6 - IMTL10651
Image 10.6 - IMTL10652
Image 10.6 - IMTL10653
Image 10.6 - IMTL10654
Image 10.6Q 831.297570
Image 10.6Q 831.297571
Image 10.6Q 831.297572
Image 10.6Q 831.297573
Image 10.6Q ICTL14070
Image 10.6Q IETL14070
Image 10.6Q IMTL14070
Image 10.6Q IMTL14071
Image 10.6Q IMTL14072
Image 10.8Q - IMTL19370
Image 10.8Q IMTL19371
Image 10.8Q IMTL19372
Image 12.2I IMTL14270
Image 14.0 IMTL59520
Image 15.0 Q IMTL315040
Image 15.0 Q IMTL315041
Image 15.0R IMTL391050
Image 15.0R IMTL391051
Image 15.0R IMTL391052
Image 15.0R IMTL391053
Image 19.0Q IMTL515040
Image 19.0Q IMTL515041
Image 60 GTS IMTL59610
Image 760 IKTL73130
Image 760 IKTL73131
v800Q - IMTL22993
Image 850SE IMTL07900
Image 923 IM349230
Image 930 IMTL93040
Image 933 IM393310
Image 935 IM393510
Image 935 IM393511
Image 935 IM393512
Image 935 IM393513
Image 951 IMTL95150
Image 971 IM971030
Image 971 IM971031
Image 973 IM973030
Image 977 IM977030
Image ACCESS 3000 IMTL30060
Image ACCESS 3000 IMTL30061
Image ACCESS 3000 IMTL30160
Image ACCESS 3000 IMTL30161
Image ACCESS 3000 IMTL30260
Image ACCESS 3000 IMTL30261
Image ACCESS 3000 IMTL30262
Image ADVANCED 1400 - IMTL079050
Image ADVANCED 1400 - IMTL079051
Image Q400 IMTL399060
Image SE7.8 IMTL07800
Manufacturer Image
Part Type Speed Sensor
SKU I5010

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