Parts for Yowza Ellipticals
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Elliptical Lubricant

This silicone lubricant is used on ellipticals to lubricate wheels, rails, joints and any moving parts. If you need to lube your treadmill, go to our

Lubricant - Sole

Lubricant. Water based lubricant for treadmill. Used to lubricate the tread-belt. Used on all Sole Treadmills and Elliptical tracks.

100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant Spray for treadmill - Wilita

Silicone Lubricant Spray for treadmill belt. For the best lube job Proper lubricating between the deck and belt is essential for years of trouble free service. We

Console wire

Console wire - 4-pin 1300mm Used on Yowza Sanibel

Power Cord -yowza

Power Cord

Handlebar Drive Gear

Gear wheel for yowza ellipticals

Gear Wheel

Gear Wheel. Connects to the action handlebarUsed on the following Ellipticals Yowza BonitaYowza Captiva (C8.5)Yowza IslamoradaYowza MiamiYowza PompanoYowza Sanibel Yowza Sanibel i35

Electro-magnet - Yowza

Electromagnet. Used to increase / decrease magnetic tension

Control Board - Yowza

Control Board Used On: Yowza Captiva Yowza Islamorada

Tension Motor - Yowza

Tension motor. Please make sure your motor uses the same bracket as this one.

Resistance motor - Yowza

Resistance Motor. Used On (Double check bracket before buying)
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11 Item(s)