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Parts for the Pacemaster pro plus II treadmill
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Treadmill Doctor Treadmill Lube

One of the more popular treadmill lubricants on the market, this is a single application treadmill lube that has been formulated to work with treadmills. If

Lubricant - Sole

Lubricant. Water based lubricant for treadmill. Used to lubricate the tread-belt. Used on all Sole Treadmills and Elliptical tracks.

Pacemaster Power Cord

Pacemaster ProPlus Power Cord

100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant Spray for treadmill - Wilita

Silicone Lubricant Spray for treadmill belt. For the best lube job Proper lubricating between the deck and belt is essential for years of trouble free service. We

Speed Sensor

Speed Sensor for Pacemaster and other makes and models.

Pacemaster Wiring Harness

Pacemaster ProPlus Wiring Harness

Drive Belt - Pacemaster

Drive belt for Pacemaster Treadmills Used On: Pacemaster Bronze Basic Pacemaster Pro Plus Pacemaster Pro Plus II Pacemaster Pro Club Pacemaster Pro Elite Pacemaster Platinum Pacemaster Platinum Pro Pacemaster Platinum Pro VR Pacemaster Gold Elite Pacemaster Gold

Pacemaster ProPlus Front Roller

Pacemaster ProPlus Front Roller

Pacemaster Incline Motor

Pacemaster ProPlus Incline Motor. See applications below


Treadbelt. Also known as walking belt. It's the large belt that you walk on. Please see the list below if you do not know if this belt

Drive Motor - Pacemaster

Drive motor for the Pacemaster treadmill. Works for all models except the SX Pro.

Treadbelt - Pacemaster

Treadbelt. Also known as walking g belt. It's the large belt that you walk on.

Pacemaster ProPlus Controller

Pacemaster ProPlus Controller
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