Brake Flywheel - Life Fitness
Brake Flywheel - Life Fitness
Brake Flywheel - Life Fitness

Life Fitness Magnetic Resistance Eddy Brake Mechanism REX21BJ Works W Elliptical

Life Fitness brake flywheel REX21BJ used on various models
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Life Fitness  XT4 Essential CTXT4-0000-01
Life Fitness  C1 - C1-XX00-0103 - Lifecycle
Life Fitness  C1 - C1-XX00-0203
Life Fitness  C1.5 - C15-0XXX-01
Life Fitness  Essential - LCRT4-0XXX-01
Life Fitness  LF X15 120V - X15-0000-01
Life Fitness  LIFECYCLE R1 - R1-XX00-0103 
Life Fitness  R1-5 Consumer Recumbent  R15-0000-01
Life Fitness  SX30 Sport 120V - CTSX30-0000-01
Life Fitness  X1 - X1-XX00-0103
Life Fitness  X1 - X1-XX00-0104
Life Fitness  X1 - X1-XX00-0203

Life Fitness  X1 - X1-XX00-0303
Life Fitness  X3 Consumer - X3-XXXX-0103
Life Fitness  X3 Cross-Trainer  X3-XX00-0203
Life Fitness  X3.0 120V - X30-0000-01
Life Fitness  X3.5 - X35-0000-01
Life Fitness  X3/X3i Series - X3-XX0X-0102
Life Fitness  X5 - X5-XX00-0103 - Version 03
Life Fitness  X5  Adjustable Stride  X5-XX00-0403
Life Fitness  X5 Series - X5-XX0X-0103 - 03
Life Fitness  X5-XX00-0104 - Cross Trainer
Life Fitness  X5/X5i - X5-XX0X-0102

Pacemaster Silver XT

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